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living room with brown wood floor and an area rug over it


Looking to find some information on buying or maintaining your flooring or carpet?

We've pulled together all the tips and tricks to keep your flooring looking fresh and new!

Tips for Carpet Installs

  • Find a carpet that suits the use of the room you which you will be installing.  Your local carpet store should be able to help.  Carpet comes in various styles such as frieze, Berber, texured or plush.  Some things to consider are the amount of traffic the room will have.  Perhaps make a list of what is important to you before you shop such as stain resistance, crush factors and ease of cleaning.

  • Pad performance.  Will a standard 6 lbs pad suit my needs or will an 8 lbs pad with moisture barrier be more suitable.  An upgraded pad will generally give you the foot feel and softness desired.  A better pad will help the overall longevity of your carpet.  Upgrading the pad is often less expensive then consumers think and often isn’t an area you want to pinch pennies

  • Work with experienced installers.  Read online reviews about customer satisfaction with installation.  Good quality products will not help with poor installation.  Make sure you are working with professionals.  Generally speaking local companies compensate installers better than national chains, and therefore draw better quality installers.

  • Find a carpet that you are easily able to maintain.  This may mean avoiding Berbers if you have pets with claws.  Also consider colors when looking at carpet maintenance.  Perhaps going a shade darker or find a carpet with a variety of colors in it that may hide stains better than a solid color.

  • Consider the warranties offered by the manufacturer.  Be wary of ‘Lifetime Warranty” or guarantees that seem too good to be true.

Woman Rolling Carpet

Tips for Choosing Hard Surfaces

  • The first step is consider taking on the installation of your new hard surface or leaving the install to a professional.  Unlike carpet, hard surface installation does not require specialty tools, so consider a DIY project.  Install hard surface yourself can cut the cost of your project nearly in half.

  • Consider the area you are installing your hard surface, and what products might be best suited for that use.  Laminate flooring is your most scratch resistant surface, but it is also susceptible to swelling when wet.  Vinyl plank might be a better option for area that will regularly get wet like bathrooms.

  • Quality hard surface should be scratch resistant.  Check on the wear layer of the hard surface you are shopping for.  This maybe especially important if you have pets.

  • Quality products are easier to install that inexpensive one with hard surface.  Check how easily the connection points come together and lock into place before making a decision.

  • Inexpensive products may also contain CFC or off gases that are carcinogenic and dangerous.  Buy from a reputed manufacturer. 

Laminate Wood Floor
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